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Gina and Dawn - Member Spotlight Stories

Gina and Dawn - Member Spotlight Stories

Gina and Dawn - Member Spotlight Stories

Gina and Dawn - Member Spotlight Stories

Gina and Dawn - Member Spotlight Stories

Meet Gina and Dawn, two long serving WellEasy members who have saved over £600 in 7 months since becoming members.

Hello, I'm Gina Hogg. Dawn and I are twins and self-professed health enthusiasts following a largely paleo and grain-free diet. Having spent many years in the world of pharmaceuticals, I’m now more passionate than ever to really understand good natural nutrition for my own health and my families.


Tell us about your story, journey and about problems that you have faced when making healthier choices:

Dawn and I were diagnosed with a condition that was untreatable and our Consultant advised a radical change in diet was the only option. From there Dawn set out to read books on autoimmunity, cancer and inflammatory conditions. This was the beginning.

Finding places that sell foods that are good enough. The foods must be made from high quality organic ingredients and good fats. These types of foods don’t exist in normal supermarkets. All supermarkets contain foods with trans fats, refined sugars and chemicals (such as preservatives, colourings and artificial flavourings). The presence of such toxic ingredients is incompatible with a healthy diet and cause inflammation within the body over long periods of time.

We’ve both worked hard to understand what nutrition is right for us and help others learn a little more about good food in the process.


How does WellEasy help to support your lifestyle:

WellEasy have a fantastic range of organic foods made with significantly higher quality ingredients compared to any standard supermarket. Plus, they offer competitive pricing which helps when you’re feeding a family with good quality foods!


What are your staying healthy tips or day to day routines: 

With Dawn’s current hectic diary and with me looking after the kids, the single most important thing we prioritise is food! 

You cannot put a price on your own health and food is at the centre of all of that.


Your top go to recipe and / or favourite products: 

I’m a sucker for making traditional foods healthier and had a good time making this for the family at Christmas… Grain-free Yorkshire puddings.

My favourite WellEasy products…

Dawn loves four sigmatic coffee. She’s forever on the go and having such a good quality mushroom based coffee with her is a godsend.

For me personally, getting the 350g Biona almond butter is genuinely a life saver. I know it’s nothing special, but we get through a jar everyday pretty much in this house. Other than that, Dr Mercola is brilliant as a brand and so are those Paleo puffs as well. There are too many to choose with you guys.


How has being a member at WellEasy helped you?

At WellEasy my membership has saved me over £600 and has stopped me having to shop around multiple places to get the foods I want. Before I’d be waiting on orders from Amazon, Ocado, and even some US companies and it was a nightmare. In my first order alone I think I made the membership back and since then, well I’ve saved a lot more.


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