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For as little as £4/month, a membership with Well Easy helps you save hundreds of pounds on your favourite healthy groceries, and the quiz is your first step to getting started.

We use your quiz answers to provide you with tailored products reccomendations and work out how much you could save per year by becoming a WellEasy member.


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"I love Well Easy. For one, I save lots of money. But my favourite part is that it has such...

Tony Wrighton

"I love WellEasy because I can find all my favourite health products at a fraction of the cost. I have...

Sara Aguilar

"WellEasy has a fantastic range of healthy & organic products made with far better ingredients compared to supermarkets. Plus they...

Gina Hogg

WellEasy has saved me so much time trying to buy healthy products from 20 different website, I now have everything...

Helen Evenett

"Love the idea! They are building a great community of people committed to building a better & healthier world."

James O’keefe

"I love the amazing selection and how easy it is to get healthy goods delivered to my door!"


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