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Try WellEasy for free

Start your WellEasy membership free for 30 days and get access to 2300+ healthy products at up to 35% off

Try WellEasy for free

Start your WellEasy membership free for 30 days and get access to 1800+ healthy products at up to 35% off

Healthy Living

made easy

Guaranteed savings on your favourite healthy brands,

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Savings up to 35% off RRP

2300+ of the best healthy & organic groceries

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Our membership is the access tool to a better way of living for all,

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30 days free trial

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Start your free 30 day trial

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Begin shopping with discounts
up to 35% of RRP
Get your order delivered to your door with free carbon-neutral shipping


30 days free trial

Annual Membership


Start your free 30 day trial

& cancel at any time

Begin shopping with discounts
up to 35% of RRP
Get your order delivered to your door with free carbon-neutral shipping

Save on average £250 per year 

On average our members make their membership back after 2 shops with us. 

A message from the founders

Our founders (Josh & Sonny) both had struggles with their health whilst at University. Sonny had fallen far too deeply into a calorie counting spiral and Josh had an operation with an unknown cause. 

Despite wanting to live healthier, they soon realised how difficult it can be to find healthy products due to a food system that makes it expensive, inconvenient & confusing to do so. During the pandemic in 2021, they launched WellEasy from Sonny's parents garage with a mission to make healthy living easy and accessible for everyone. 

Using a membership model made popular by Costco, WellEasy is more than just saving huge amounts of time and money. Your membership is a vote for a more accessible healthy food system for all.

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How much does membership cost?

We have two membership options: An annual membership which costs £48/year (£4/month) or a monthly membership which costs £8/month.

How does the 30 day free trial work?

We know that it's important for anyone that comes to WellEasy to experience how decide whether we are right for you or not. 

As such, we offer all members a 30 day free trial to experience our service for no risk. If you decide that you want to be part of the community, then you don't need to do anything. After 30 days has passed, your annual subscription of £48 will begin and be valid for 1 year. 

To take our mission further too, for everyone that becomes a member, we sponsor a free membership for a student, teacher, NHS worker, armed forces veteran, or low income family. 

Where does WellEasy deliver to and how much does it cost?

We are happy to delivery across mainland Great Britain for free on all orders over £39 and anything else at £4.99. We also deliver to the Scottish highlands and islands, Isle of Man and the Channel islands for a fixed £4.99 delivery fee. We will be expanding to Northern Ireland soon. 

How long does delivery take and how much does it cost? 

We estimate that most deliveries will arrive within 1-2 working days, however as a small growing startup, deliveries can sometimes take longer than anticipated.  If this is the case you will always be notified of any delays. 

How can you offer such low prices?

It's important that everyone benefits from WellEasy - consumers and producers alike. WellEasy offers lower prices on products because the majority of our money isn't made on the sale of products but on memberships. This is something unlike much of the supermarkets and wellness shops in the UK.  


Our producers are incredibly important to us here and we choose to work directly with them as much as possible. We want to showcase their products for the health and sustainability values they posses, and in doing so offer great prices on their products in line with our mission. The more the WellEasy community grows, the more we can cut out the middle men, making sure to help producers as much as we can and bring you the best prices possible. 

Who is the team behind WellEasy?

Our founders have known each other for a long-while. Sonny and Josh have played football against each other since the age of 8, attending the same schools and keeping in touch throughout university. 


Whilst at university, both Josh and Sonny experienced a significant battle with their health. Josh had an operation that was largely blamed on mould exposure and Sonny had got far too into a calorie counting spiral and developing an eating disorder accordingly. The pair both set out on a journey at a similar time to discover what it truly means to live healthy and make better choices in our lives. The only problem was... it was inconvenient, expensive, and confusing to do so.  


They soon realised that the food system in the UK did nothing to incentivise healthier and more organic choices and thought that there must be a better way to do this. The set up their first business out of university from their parents garage with a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone. It was a healthy snack business catered towards offices and those working from home. Despite working with some amazing partners like Amazon, JP Morgan, and Deloitte and being featured on BBC and Sky News, they soon realised that they weren't doing enough to really impact healthy living for people.  


Motivated even more to fulfil on their mission by the impact that poor lifestyle choices had during the Coronavirus pandemic, the pair decided that there must be a better way to help people. As such, they went back to the garage during the cold Christmas months and launched WellEasy - the future of healthy retail in the UK.  


Using a model made popular by Costco, they realised that by using a membership fee and a curated range of the best healthy and organic brands, they could save people up to 35% off RRP on the amazing products that are currently hard to find.  


The team is now supported by one of the co-founders of Julien Callede and our awesome in-house nutritionist Georgia is an expert are making health related content easy to understand online and on social media.  

What is your savings guarantee? 

We promise all members that if they don't at least make their membership back in savings during their time with us, then we'll refund the difference. 

How do you calculate savings?

All of our savings are worked out against the recommended retail price (RRP) that our partnered brands provide us with. These prices are also displayed clearly on our website against each item that's in the store.  


Most supermarkets in the UK charge between £4-£8 per delivery. At WellEasy, we prioritise the affordability aspect of healthy living and therefore offer a free delivery on all orders over £39! 

How often can I order?

Our membership allows you to order as often or as little as you like, with no order limits. You can place an order monthly, weekly or daily if you would like to! With savings of up to 35% off RRP, the more you shop on WellEasy, the more you can save.  

Why do I need to become a member to shop at WellEasy?

WellEasy is a members-only online market that allows you to buy the best wholesome, organic, ethical and sustainable foods or household products at amazing prices of up to 35% off RRP. We use the same model as big wholesale chains like Costco or Macro but specifically to offer our members the best prices on our range of healthy products. 


But why a membership? 

  • Access to 1700+ of wholesome, organic and healthy products at exclusive prices of up to 35% off RRP. 

  • Free and Fast delivery (on orders above £39). 

  • Sponsor a free membership for someone in need

  • Guaranteed savings (We guarantee you will make back the membership fee in savings - if not, we'll refund the difference). 


The best part about being a WellEasy member is that we will always keep you posted with everything from the latest trends in plant-based foods, to the social impact that your membership has with us. Our members are our priority. 

When do I get charged for the Membership?

After your 30 day free trial, an annual payment of £36 will be taken from your account for an annual membership to continue using the WellEasy store. This annual membership renews every year. If you pay monthly then £6/month will charged every 30 days. 

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