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Low Histamine

Low Histamine

Low Histamine

Low Histamine

Low Histamine

When you are histamine intolerant you need snacks, food and ingredients you can rely on. But one of the great frustrations of this condition is that it is an absolute minefield trying to figure out what will work for you.

On my website The Histamine Intolerance Site, I’ve brought together what I believe to be the best, most trusted resources on histamine intolerance. They still conflict though! I believe it is the most trustworthy low histamine diet list, and now for the first time, I’ve curated a list of some of my favourite low and lowish histamine products on Well Easy.

I love the way WellEasy makes it so easy for us to eat healthy and low-histamine.

Remember, everyone reacts differently with histamine intolerance, and you may well disagree with my selections. Always test carefully, and check with your doctor or health practitioner before starting any new diet. This is not advice, it is intended for information and discussion only.

Linwoods Sprouted Milled Organic Flaxseed 360g

TONY SAYS: Nuts and seeds can sometimes be problematic for histamine intolerance. Cashews and walnuts are a no-go for me. Flaxseed is the most reliable seed though, a staple in my kitchen, and because this one is sprouted it’s more gentle on the belly.


Lesser Evil Himalayan Salt Paleo Puffs 142G

TONY SAYS: Would you look at the gorgeous, low-histamine, organic ingredients here? The packs are big, but I defy you not to eat them all at once.


NUCO Coconut Cassava Wraps 

TONY SAYS: Our online food list is emoji-based to make it super easy for anyone to use. Coconut scores a big fat ✅ on our food list, and so does cassava ✅. So what’s not to love about these wraps?


BIO-D All Purpose Sanitiser 

TONY SAYS: It may seem weird recommending a bathroom cleaner. But many of us with histamine intolerance are super sniffers and very sensitive to smells. Bio D does the trick and doesn’t smell at all.


Hunter & Gather Lemon Olive Mayonnaise 

TONY SAYS: Finally - a mayonnaise I can eat. The olive oil, egg and apple cider vinegar work well for me, and there’s only a tiny bit of lemon. Caution: this does have some ingredients that would be listed as 🤔 over on the Histamine Intolerance Site.


Faith In Nature Coconut Shampoo 

TONY SAYS: Skin issues are something that pop up time and again with histamine intolerance. I love that Well Easy has so many natural products, and personally speaking this shampoo agrees with me better than any other. Bye bye dry scalp and hives (attractive huh?)


IQ Bar Wild Blueberry Keto Protein Bars 

TONY SAYS: These bars are totally delish, and agree with me just fine, but as always start slowly and test carefully. Bars can be a difficult one histamine-wise. Many people with histamine intolerance tolerate almonds just fine (but others don’t).


Cafe Direct Whole Bean Organic Coffee 

TONY SAYS: Is coffee high histamine? (Please say no…). The answer is - sometimes, and for some people. It’s a 🤔 on the Histamine Intolerance Site. If you want to carry on drinking coffee (YES!) organic coffee is a must. When it comes to histamine, not all coffee is created equal, so make the right choice.

If you want to shop for any of these products, free free to use Tony's discount code - HISTAMINE10 - at the checkout!

Tony's curated collection page can also be found here - 

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