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New Products 24.04.2022

New Products 24.04.2022

New Products 24.04.2022

New Products 24.04.2022

New Products 24.04.2022

Welcome to our new products blog where we give you more detailed descriptions about the new products launched on WellEasy this week. You can find all new products by heading to our 'What's new' collection here.

From next week we will also be giving you recipe ideas for some of the new products, so keep an eye out on that too!

Wild deodorant

Wild is the new, sustainable Natural Deodorant. It is aluminium free with compostable, plastic free refills and a 100% effective formula.

Single-use plastic stinks so they’ve created a reusable deodorant applicator made from aluminium that will last you a lifetime. You can refill your case again and again with their bamboo pulp deodorant refills. The refills are made from natural fibre so once empty, pop them in your paper recycling or compost heap where they’ll rot away to nothing. Every time you refill your case, you’ll save 30 grams of plastic going to landfill.

Their skincare experts have landed on a formula that is scientifically proven to provide 24 hours of protection from body odour, even on the busiest days. Wild is powered by plants, not aluminium-salts or parabens and sulphates and all our formulas are certified vegan and cruelty-free. We never test on animals, only smelly people.

You can buy Wild products here



Swaadish was started by four sisters who as kids spent hours in their kitchens learning about the magic of spices, herbs and local ingredients. They cooked what their parents cooked, getting recipes from them which we would adapt, making meals for their children, families and friends.

They couldn't always find these authentic flavours in the UK and the more they cooked, the more people asked for the recipes and the sauces. Over the last six years they've been working on their sauces and have now got six that bring the magic of Gujarat to your senses with every mouthful. 

You can buy Swaadish products here


Raw Ecstasy 

Activation (sometimes called ‘sprouting’) is the process of soaking nuts and seeds in order to begin germination.

Ancient cultures have emulated this process for millennia – soaking nuts and seeds in order to unlock their potential. Inspired by them, they long-soak their nuts in a natural saline solution before slowly drying them at temperatures below 47ºC. The result is a perfectly activated raw nut – germinated, gently preserved and ready to eat!

You can buy Raw Ecstasy products here 

Organic India

Organic India's vision is to be a vehicle of consciousness in the global market by creating a holistic, sustainable business model that inspires, promotes and supports true wellness. At the core of this vision is respect for all beings and for Mother Nature.

This means they focus on organic & regenerative agriculture to produce a range of herbal supplements & teas to promote health using Ayurvedic principles. 

You can buy Organic India products here

Three Spirit

After years spent in libraries, labs, bars and fields, they’ve created plant-based alternatives to alcohol that celebrate what you put into a drink, rather than what you take out.

They are focused on maximising the functional potency of their drinks, carefully extracting the active compounds from the highest grade, ethically sourced plants they can get our hands on.Their processes are complex, delicate and take time - maceration, fermentation, distillation, reverse osmosis, freeze-drying, ultrasonic extraction - you name it, they’re pioneering it.

You can buy Three Spirits products here


They have 8 flavours of nut butters, all being free from palm oil & unrefined sugar, as well as being peanut-free and gluten-free. All products are packed in plastic-free packaging. Their products are fit for everyone- good for those with dietary restrictions, good for weekend breakfasts, good for gifts, and great for those looking for new & delicious interesting pantry products.

You can buy Nutcessity products here

The Frenchman 

For all the lonely baguettes, sourdough, bagels, yoghurts and other friends out there, The Frenchman brings you a line of organic and fruit-dense spreads with reduced sugar crafted by fourth generation jam-makers. Think French art de vivre with a twist!

It offers a modern take on traditional products that are enhanced to bring us more flavour and joy whilst respecting our planet and its inhabitants.

You can buy The Frenchman products here


Ohso have taken delicious Belgian Chocolate and added over a billion "gut friendly bacteria" to every perfect bar... ohso loves your tummy! This comes out of an amazing discovery that our chocolate delivers live bacteria to your gut 3 x more effectively than dairy products, using their unique encapsulation process.

You can buy Ohso products here

Sauce Shop

In 2014 Pam & James (founders) came to the realisation that the sauces we were buying weren't doing our food justice. What started in a home kitchen, is now a team of 34 food lovers producing thousands of bottles of sauce on a weekly basis.

To start with we are stocking their range of hot sauces, let us know if you want to see us add more. 

You can buy Sauce Shop products here


Oat Made want to put oats on the map. As an incredibly diverse grain it makes a great mealtime alternative to both rice and noodles and can be used in many different recipes.

Only the best British grown oats are selected for their pots and pouches.

  • 100% British Wholegrain Oats
  • Source of Fibre
  • Helps Actively Lower Cholesterol

You can buy Oatmade products here

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