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Alcohol Free Beverages With An Added Health Kick

Alcohol Free Beverages With An Added Health Kick

Alcohol Free Beverages With An Added Health Kick

Alcohol Free Beverages With An Added Health Kick

Alcohol Free Beverages With An Added Health Kick

While many of us love a drink every now and then, we are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of cutting back on alcoholic beverages or even going teetotal. We eat well, exercise regularly and generally are more health conscious than ever, so it only makes sense to shift away from the booze. For years the alcohol free options at bars or even in supermarkets were poor, perhaps just a lemonade or a soda water with lime, generally these were boring or high sugar options that are no better for our health. However times are changing, we not only have access to delicious alcohol-free alternatives, but a number of them also provide a health kick. We aren’t only avoiding the damage alcohol does to our liver, gut and mental health, we’re also nourishing our bodies more in the process. 

Here are some of our favourite options for healthy alcohol-free alternatives to keep stocked up on, especially for the upcoming barbeque season! Whether you’re sober or simply looking to reduce your hangovers, there’s an option for everyone.

Low or no-alcohol drinks with a health-kick


Packing a ginger punch, you can simply mix this with sparkling water for a refreshing summer drink. The ingredients are simple and the heavy focus on ginger will provide some wonderful benefits. Ginger is known for contributing to:

  • Digestive health, particularly battling nausea
  • Immune health and natural defences
  • Mobility of joints
  • Energy levels
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Respiratory health
  • Blood sugar level maintenance.

Three Spirit

Three Spirit are a range of three non-alcoholic spirits named The Livener, The Social Elixir and The Nightcap - the reason for these names? They use herbal extracts to mimic the relaxing, energising or social-lubricating characteristics of alcoholic beverages. They are described as plant-powered, functional alcohol alternatives and use a range of natural herbs, mushrooms and botanicals such as Lions Mane mushrooms, lemon balm and valerian.

The Livener is designed to energise you and boost your mood, containing caffeine from green tea and guayusa - perhaps a perfect first drink for a post-work night out.

The Social Elixir is described as the “ultimate social companion” using cacao, Lions Mane and damania for a “floaty & flirty” finish.

The Nightcap is a perfect end of night drink, using valerian and lemon balm to create a sense of calm and relaxation to send you off to sleep.

Willy’s Kombucha Beer

Kombucha is a naturally sparkling, fermented drink with the bonus of some good for the gut bacteria. It is made by fermenting green or black tea and providing sugar for the growing bacteria to feed on, the resulting drink tends to be fairly low in sugar. Kombucha flavours are abundant, largely fruit-focused, however Willy’s created a range of Kombucha beers which are reminiscent of a pint, particularly their Hemp and Hop flavour which has been infused with citra hops. Kombucha is considered a probiotic drink due to the beneficial bacteria it contains which may support a healthy gut microbiome.


Fungtn is an alcohol-free craft beer range brewed with functional mushrooms to provide the drinker with benefits from these adaptogenic ingredients. Each brew in their range contains a different mushroom and therefore differing results, including Chaga Lager, Lions Mane IPA and Reishi Citra Beer. These mycoadaptogens may support both physical and mental health, with each mushroom having its own unique set of properties. These alternative beers are also gluten-free, an added benefit as many traditional beers cannot claim the same.


More alcohol-free alternatives


Made by distilling botanicals and free-from added sugar, artificial colourings and artificial flavourings. There are a range of different flavours from varying plant combinations, all of which are low calorie and deliciously refreshing.


Opia create organic, alcohol free wines made free-from sulphites and preservatives, they are also produced at low temperatures to retain the polyphenols and other health components of the grapes. Certified Halal and vegan friendly, this low calorie range of wines is a great solution to your wine needs.


This gluten-free, low calorie and vegan 0% alcohol beer sounds like it couldn’t get any better, but when you throw in that it’s also better for the planet by emitting 90% less CO2 emissions than other brewing methods, it really is a no-brainer!

Check out the Non-Alcoholic Drinks section to have a look at our ever growing range of beverages that you can add to your order!

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