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Sicilian Splendour: Our Search for the Best Almond Butter

Sicilian Splendour: Our Search for the Best Almond Butter

Sicilian Splendour: Our Search for the Best Almond Butter

Sicilian Splendour: Our Search for the Best Almond Butter

Sicilian Splendour: Our Search for the Best Almond Butter

You may have already fallen in love with our Raw Organic Almond Butter, sourced from the lush landscapes of a small family farm in Sicily. This product isn't just a delicious addition to your pantry; it embodies our unwavering dedication to quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing. Here we will be unveiling Sonny and Josh's journey in sourcing the highest quality almond butter from orchard to doorstep.  We'll also delve into the health benefits of raw almond butter, the significance of choosing organic almonds, and address the pressing issue of fraud within the almond industry, underscoring our commitment to authenticity and transparency.



Sourcing with Integrity: The Sicilian Connection

In January 2023, still ever disgruntled by the issues throughout our UK food system, Sonny and Josh (Co-founders) made a decision to take the WellEasy mission one step further. They set out to create the highest quality range of grocery staples at the most affordable prices, exclusively for members. 

With the wealth of knowledge they'd gathered through years of working in organic food, the pair thought what better place to start than a product most of us and our families consumer on a daily basis - nut butters.

Before setting off to talk to suppliers, the WellEasy duo made 3 things their absolute priority for this range:

  • The highest in quality raw and organic almonds
  • Sourced from one single, transparent and ethical farm in Europe
  • A size that offered the most convenience and value for members

After speaking with suppliers from all over Europe, the supply chain was finally found 3 months later. In the heart of Sicily lies a small, family-operated farm with generations of expertise in almond cultivation. This region's rich soil and optimal climate conditions yield some of the world's finest almonds, which are the foundation of WellEasy's Raw Organic Almond Butter. Every almond is handpicked with care with the farms focus fully on ethical production and environmental stewardship.

The almonds are then transported to the UK, stone-milled at low temperatures to preserve their superior quality, and filled all on one single estate with our manufacturing partners near Northampton. Our founders Sonny & Josh have worked hard to ensure that this supply chain is one of the highest in standards of any raw nut butters in the UK from farm to doorstep. 

Confronting Fraud in the Almond Industry

The almond industry, like many sectors in global agriculture, faces challenges with fraud, including mislabeling and adulteration. Reports have surfaced of non-organic almonds being sold as organic, or almonds from other regions being passed off as locally sourced. Some cases have actually shown people mixing in low quality cheap ground peanuts into almond butter just to increase profit margins.

With this knowledge in mind, we will always stand firm against these practices. We implement rigorous testing and traceability measures to guarantee the authenticity and organic certification of our almonds. We've also made sure that all of our nut butters are tested for heavy metals and importantly mycotoxins too - a rare but growing concern for some customers consuming very low quality nut butters. 

The 'Raw' Power 

The final product Sonny and Josh were able to create not only shines for its exquisite taste but also for its superior nutritional profile, especially when compared to other nut butter options. By preserving the almonds in their raw state, raw butter maintains a higher level of vital nutrients that are often diminished through the roasting process.

This includes an abundance of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that supports skin health and immune function, and magnesium, which plays a crucial role in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body, including nerve function and energy production. Unlike many processed nut butters, our raw organic version is free from added sugars, salts, and oils, making it a pure, nutrient-dense choice.

"By focusing on maintaining the almonds' raw and organic integrity we're ensure not just the truest natural taste of an expertly source nut butter, but the most essential nutrient boost beneficial for overall wellness." 

- Sonny Drinkwater, Co-founder

The Importance of Organic Almonds

Opting for organic almonds means more than following a trend; it represents a conscious choice for personal and environmental health. Organic farming eschews synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, promoting biodiversity and preserving soil and water quality. Sonny & Josh wanted to only ever produce a nut butter product free from toxins and GMOs, ensuring a nutrient-rich experience and this has been achieved with this amazing Sicilian farm. Here's a photo of the latest spring harvest at the farm...

With 8 months of effort to bring this product range to market, WellEasy's Raw Organic Almond Butter transcends the conventional to offer a product that's as pure and authentic as the Sicilian lands it comes from. We're addressing the almond industry's challenges head-on, making every attempt to showcase our commitment to ethical practices and high-quality, nutritious food. 

Join us in celebrating the true essence of Sicily with every spoonful of our organic almond butter. It's a vote for a better food system filled with transparency and taste, and free from corruption and poor health. 

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