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What it means to be a WellEasy member

What it means to be a WellEasy member

What it means to be a WellEasy member

What it means to be a WellEasy member

What it means to be a WellEasy member

You probably know that a WellEasy membership gives you access to thousands of organic, healthy products for less, but there are a lot of other perks to being a member that you may not realise. To help you make the most of your membership, here are some of the top benefits to joining the WellEasy community:  

1. Orders delivered to your door 

You can browse our curated range of over 2200 brands from the comfort of your sofa, on a walk, or - for some of you – on your Peloton. Our members understand that one of the biggest benefits of having a curated range means that all of our products and brands are carefully chosen. That makes buying decisions even easier. So if you’re a busy professional that knows they love to shop healthy and organic, then we’ve got you covered. Most orders arrive within 2 working days, and any longer than that, one of the team will call you to tell you when it’s expected.

2. Save money and make a difference

Unlike other traditional supermarkets and retailers, we know the impact your purchase really has for a brand. Your decision to buy a product with WellEasy goes far beyond just saving money. It’s a vote with your pounds that say ‘here’s to better products for everyone.’ Your purchase supports these small brands looking to show that the food system doesn’t need to be ladened with rubbish ingredients and toxic chemicals. It supports the organic farmer that’s currently being told that he can only make a living by producing high sugar products for children from bigger brands. The more members that join our mission, the more these good healthy and organic brands are funded meaning they can pass even more money onto those producers that genuinely care about our health and the health of our planet.

3. Never overpay for the best healthy brands and products 

The annual fee that we ask members to pay, coupled with the fact that we are solely an online retailer, gives us far greater control over the supply chain and our prices. Some of our items actually go up to 45% off RRP (but that’s a little member secret so don’t tell anyone). On average a WellEasy member saves over £250 a year with us and some members have even gone beyond £1000. Quite literally, that’s a holiday for you and the family sorted. Most members make their membership fee back within their first two purchases alone and if you are in the absolute of absolute exceptions to this, we are that confident that we’ll refund the difference.

4. Commit to a healthier way of living 

Wanting to try a new diet, lifestyle or just know products that are genuinely healthy - well that's us. All products are vetted by our nutritionist and other food experts in-house. We read labels, research ingredients, look into supply chains - all so you don't have to. In fact, we've made it easier than ever to do this with our 50+ diet and lifestyle filters which can show you the exact products you're looking for in under 5 seconds. 

5. We bring the resources 

Make sure you join our Facebook group, bookmark our blog and follow us on social for the latest recipes, health information and other lifestyle related tips and tricks, to support your shopping experience with us. We’ve got the product part covered, but we know that living healthy doesn’t just stop at the purchases you make. It’s about inspiration, ideas and community. That’s why in our Facebook group, we encourage all members to share their healthy trials and tribulations and help others in their journey’s too.

6. Get free gifts 

Did you know that every Monday & Friday we run special free gifts just for members. We always send out an email- so keep your eyes out for it. Gifts can range all the way up to £30 in value so it is a feature all members love. We also make it super easy by having days for different lifestyles so you can pick and choose gifts when it suits you. 

7. Help make healthy options more accessible to others 

In keeping in line with our mission to make healthy living easy and accessible to everyone, we match every paid Thrive Market membership with a free membership for someone in need through our WellEasy Cares programme. We regularly offer discounts gifts and rewards to our members too just to make sure that whenever we can, we are doing our job for you guys. Your decision to shop with us today, not only gives you access to healthy and organic brands, but NHS workers, students, teachers, low income families and armed forces veterans too.

8. Support businesses that are making a difference

WellEasy believes that consumers have the power to change the world. Your choices and decision everyday over what you buy and where from, have the power to impact entire supply chains. Every purchase with us is a sign of approval for quality ingredients, good business practices, and responsibly sourced supply chains. Every single brand that we onboard to the store is aligned with our mission before so and are committed to putting the health of people and planet before anything. That means you can take comfort in the fact that your shop is everything you need, and your money is supporting a better food system for all.

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