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Chocolate No-Bake Tart

Chocolate No-Bake Tart

Chocolate No-Bake Tart

Chocolate No-Bake Tart

Chocolate No-Bake Tart

The perfect vegan chocolate tart with a creamy filling and topped with berries! This tart has a little surprise inside, find out what it is.

Serves: 9 

Time: 3 hours 

Level: Easy


  • Food processor
  • Tart tin
  • Microwave or bowl and saucepan (to melt chocolate)
  • Chopping board
  • Knife
  • Weighing scales


For the base:

For the filling:

For the topping:

  • Fresh fruit


1. Pre soak walnuts and dates separately for 2 hours prior. Drain and rinse walnuts well. Drain date water and save for later!
2. Line a tray with oil (preferably coconut).
3. Add walnuts into a food processor and blend well. Until you have a flour like consistency. Add in the rest of your base fillings and blend until you have a dough like consistency. Add splashes of date water in the mixture is looking a little dry!
4. Transfer into your dish and pat down. Keep a cup of warm water to dip your fingers into to prevent the mixture sticking to your hands.
5. Once your base is ready start to melt your chocolate (carefully- we don’t want to burn it!)
6. As your chocolate is melting add the tofu the food processor and blend until smooth.
7. Add in the rest of the filling ingredients including the chocolate once it has melted. Mix well and transfer onto your base. Taste test: if needing more sweetness add in some more date water!
8. Place into the fridge to set for minimum 1 hour. Slice up your fruit and to plate onto.
9. Serve and enjoy!

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